The second Lorenzo Da Ponte opera mystery

“[An] outstanding sequel…The puzzle, characters, and period detail are all top-notch.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)


In 1788 Vienna, Court Poet Lorenzo Da Ponte is putting some finishing touches on the libretto for the premiere of his new opera with Mozart, Don Giovanni. A huge success when it debuted in Prague, the Emperor has decreed that it shall be performed in Vienna. But Joseph II is off prosecuting a less-than-popular war against the Turks, and the city itself is in a turmoil. There are voices protesting the war, others who see Turks around every corner.

Da Ponte, however, just wants to do his work and enjoy life. But these simple desires aren’t easily fulfilled. He’s been receiving a series of mysterious coded notes from unknown hands, notes that make no sense to him. Then an old friend is viciously murdered, with strange symbols cut into his forehead. Summoned to the police bureau, Da Ponte learns that this murder was not the first. Determined to help find his friend’s killer, he agrees to help with the secret investigation. Caught in a crossfire of intrigue both in the world of opera and politics, Da Ponte must find the answer to a riddle and expose a killer before he becomes the next victim.

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